Integrity EDM is located in Tipton, Indiana (near Indianapolis) in a 20,000 square foot, state-of-the-art production facility. We employ an experienced and trained team of engineers, production technicians and quality control experts to deliver superior EDM service. We also own and operate an impressive inventory of EDM machines, metal machine tools and testing equipment to ensure precisions, accuracy and quality.


Integrity EDM only uses the latest, most up-to-date equipment, designed specifically to meet the exacting standards and tight tolerances required by the industries we serve. We also employ industry experts who follow a detailed quality assurance methodology that includes multiple checkpoints throughout the process to ensure that our parts meet the most rigorous quality standards. We use the following equipment to ensure accuracy and quality:

  • 7 Lathes
  • 10 Mills
  • 4 Graphite Mills
  • 6 Radial Grinders
  • 4 Surface Grinders
  • 6 Large Manual Ram EDMs
  • 8 Small Manual Ram EDMs
  • 30 CNC Ram EDMs
  • 21 Large Fast Hole EDMs
  • 16 Small Fast Hole EDMs
  • 21 Wire EDMs
  • 6 Large CMMs
  • 4 Benchtop CMMs
  • 2 Airflow Benches

Air Flow Test System

Integrity EDM provides accurate, quality airflow measurements designed to meet the precision needs of the aerospace and power generation industries. The air flow test system is specifically designed to deliver accurate (rate of +/- .048%), repeatable results with high throughput and availability. Integrity EMD utilizes a fully-automated standard flow bench with flexible and custom components capable of complying with testing requirements of various OEMs including:
1. ABB/Alstom
2. Pratt & Whitney
3. General Electric
4. Mitsubishi
5. Allison
6. Rolls-Royce
7. Siemens-Westinghouse

Refrigerated/Desiccant Dryers

Integrity EDM uses refrigerated dryers to deliver consistent, precise temperature control with minimal pressure drop. To provide pressure dew points down to -40°C and lower, Integrity EDM uses desiccant dryers. These dryers meet or surpass all OEM dew point standards for air flow testing as they effectively trap and remove moisture from the compressed air supply.

Automated Coordinate Measuring (CCM) Machine

In order to deliver maximum measuring accuracy and repeatability, Integrity EDM utilizes an automated coordinate measuring (CCM) machine that has been designed to make measurements of geometric dimensions to within +/-.0005 inches.

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