Fast Hole EDM

With 30 years of experience, Integrity EDM is ranked among the industry’s top fast hole EDM vendors and fast hole EDM suppliers. We provide fast hole EDM services to OEMs around the world. Integrity EDM has expertise providing precision electrical discharge machining on large industrial equipment as well as small metal parts.

Fast hole EDM produces:

  • Hold extremely accurate air flow tolerances
  • Meet tight tolerances and precise specifications
  • Have a large depth-to-diameter ratio

Fast Hold EDM Capabilities

  • Hole Diameters: 0.009″ to over 0.750″
  • Maximum Work Piece Size: to 60″ diameter

Fast Hole EDM Machines + Equipment

Integrity EDM owns and operates high-quality fast hole EMD machines and equipment to perform services. You can trust us to meet the strictest tolerances and quality standards. Our Fast Hole EDM machines include:
1 each 30” 6 axis
3 each 40” 6 axis
1 each 50” 6 axis
7 each 60” 6 axis


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